Monday, May 28, 2018

The Filters Have It Old School Tutorial

This tutorial was written by me. Any resemblance to any other tutorial is pure coincidence.Please DO NOT claim this tutorial as your own. It was written for PSP 9, but should be compatible with any version of PSP

I am using the artwork of Tony Tzanoukakis You need a license to use his tubes. You can buy this tube at his store found HERE

Muras Meister Copies Filter

Andrews Filter 57, Crossing Time 2

TwoMoon, Warm Cloth Found

Sleepy Hollow Font HERE

Open new image 650 x 300

Select black for your foreground and place a color from your tube into the background

Flood fill your new image with your background color

Edit, copy your tube

Edit, paste, paste as new layer

Effects, Plugins, Muras Meister, Copies with the settings of:
Wallpaper at the default settings

Change blend mode of this layer to Soft Light

Layers, merge, merge visible

Effects, Plugins, Andrews Filter 57, Crossing Time 2, Default settings

Effects, Plugins, TwoMoon, Warm Cloth at Default Settings

Layers, new raster layer

Flood fill with your background color

Lower the opacity of this layer to 70

Layers, merge, merge down

Effects, Texture Effects, Blinds with the settings of:
Width: 5
Opacity: 10
Color: Black
Horizontal and light from left/top both checked

Repeat Blinds but uncheck Horizontal this time

Using your preset shape, rectangle, line style solid, width 2 draw a thin line across the bottom of your tag.

Layers, convert to raster layer

Effects, 3D Effects, Drop Shadow, Settings of:
Vertical and Horizontal: 3
Opacity: 60
Blur: 5
Color: Black
Shadow on new layer NOT Checked

Edit, Copy Tube

Edit, paste, paste as new layer

Place in the middle

Resize til you have it the way you want

Effects, 3D Effects, Drop Shadow, Same Settings

Edit, copy tube again

Edit, paste, paste as new layer

Move to the far left of the tag

Move down til it is below the rectangle you drew across your tag

Change Opacity to 60 and blend mode to Overlay

Layers, Duplicate

Image, Mirror

Layers, new raster layer

Layers, arrange, bring to top

Selections, Select All

Selections, Modify, Contract by 5

Selections, Invert

Floodfill with black

Selections, Select None

Remember to add your copyright info. Make sure it is plain and legible

Add your name to the tag

If you wish to make an AV to match your tag merge visible your forum part of the tag than you can duplicate your tag

Use your crop tool and make both your width and height 150. Move til you have it at a spot you want. 

Crop to size

When you have it the way you want Selections, modify, contract by 3

Selections, Invert

Layers, new raster layer 

Flood fill with black

Add a part of your tube that you wish to show.

On the av part for copyright you need to put ©Artists Name and your license number

My tag is just a guide

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