Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Lines & Shapes FTU Old School Forum Tut

I am using the artwork of Verymany which you can buy at their store HERE

Jeux de lignes, Simple, Mura's Meister, L en K Filters

Preset Shape: Trinkets JL(Border Elements)-F found HERE

Molot Font found HERE

Open new image 600 x 300

Pick a light color for background and dark color for foreground

Flood fill your new image with the light color

Effects, Plugins, Jeux de Lignes, Entralacement with the settings of:

Effects, Reflection Effects, Kaleidoscope with the settings of:

Effects, Plugins, L en K's Mayra with the settings of:

Effects, Plugins, Simple, Diamonds

Edit, Repeat Diamonds 2 times

Edit, copy Tube

Edit, paste, paste as new layer

If you do not have a crop of the tube move down til you see the tubes upper body

Effects, Plugins, Mura's Meister, Copies, settings of:

Change the opacity of this layer to Soft light

Select your Preset Shape tool. Than select Trinkets JL(Border Elements)-F

Move to the bottom of your tag. Not all the way to the bottom. Leave some space at the bottom. Starting at the far left drag the preset shape all the way to the far right

Objects, Align, Horizontally Center in Canvas

Layers, convert to raster Layer

Using your magic wand press inside of the second square

Selections, Modify contract by 3

Edit, copy Tube

Edit, paste paste as new layer and place a part of the tube in the square

Selections, Invert

Edit, Clear

Selections, Select None

Change the opacity of this layer to soft light

Continuing doing this on the next several squares. You need to be on Raster 3 when you do this so that the magic wand will be on the preset shape layer. You do not have to do them all across as you will placing your tube in the right corner

Layers, new raster layer

Layers, arrange, bring to top

Selections, Select All

Selections, Modify contract by 5

Selections, Invert

Floodfill with your dark color

Selections, Select None

Adjust, Add/Remove, Noise, Add Noise settings of:

Effects, 3D Effects, Drop Shadow, Settings of:

Vertical : -3
Horizontal: 3
Opacity: 50
Blur: 10
Color: Black
Shadow on new layer NOT Checked

Edit, copy Tube

Edit, Paste, paste as new layer

Move down below the border and to the right

Image, resize to fit your tag. If you are just using a Close up tube you may not need to do that

Effects, 3D Effects, Drop Shadow, Same Settings

My Tag is just a guide

Remember to add your copyright info. Make sure it is plain and legible

Add your name to the tag

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